Autism Biomedical Information Network

A gateway to science-based biomedical information and commentaries on autism/PDD for parents, teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, other interested professionals, and classroom aides who are dedicated to helping persons with autism. Our commentaries on biomedical aspects of autism are based on an attitude of respect for science and the dedicated researchers attempting to learn more about autism. We also believe that only research meeting the highest standards of "good science" is the way to discover evidence-based treatments for autism.

Disclaimer and Copyright

Commentaries on autism published here are not to be republished without attribution. Likewise, when the work of others is quoted, clear attribution and appropriate references will be included. Although we are careful about who we choose to link to, we have no control over which servers on the Web link to us. We will note, however, that we were greatly helped with this website by Steve Walker, who runs The Snoring Mouthpiece Review, a snoring device website with a variety of high quality mouthpiece reviews. Without his help, this website would not exist.

Information and commentaries on treatment are provided for general information only and are not intended to be recommendations for the treatment of a specific individual with autism. As in other clinical settings, medical treatments for autism (usually medications with effects on the brain and with potential for causing side effects) must be done under the supervision of an experienced professional.

All new postings and revisions have a date highlighted in red. This is the most recent date the link was established or revised.

The dates of older postings and links are indicated within brackets, as an aid to those visitors returning to look for more recent material.

What is the Autism Biomedical Information Network (ABINet)

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