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Science-based articles or commentaries in The Advocate

As a member of the Board of the Autism Society of America (1993-1998), I solicited or reviewed articles for publication in the ASA bimonthly newsletter (The Advocate) from medical authorities on a number of subjects. These articles appear in The Advocate under the heading "From the Medical Committee" or "Medical Report." It may be possible to get back issues from the Autism Society of America (1-800-3-AUTISM). Or ask that they post the articles on the ASA Web site so that they can be downloaded.

"Prozac, a Potent Serotonin Transporter Inhibitor," Edwin Cook, Jr., M.D., University of Chicago, March-April 1995

"The Treatment of Ear Infections in Children," Charles A. Amenta, III, M.D., May-June 1995

A Reply and Comment on Dr. Rimland's Criticism of Current Treatment of Ear Infections in Children, Charles A. Amenta, III, M.D., and Nicholas J. Berg, M.D., September-October 1995

"Glasses for the Ear": A Review, Charles A. Amenta, III, M.D., A commentary on recent research on auditory processing in dyslexia and implications for auditory integration training, May-June 1996

"The Genetics of Autism," Part 1, Ronald J. Kallen, M.D., July-August, 1996

"The Genetics of Autism," Part 2, The Implications for Research, Ronald J. Kallen, M.D., September-October 1996

"Landau-Kleffner Syndrome," Max Wiznitzer, M.D., Case Western Reserve University, November-December 1996

"An Autism Bibliography for Parents and Their Pediatricians," Ronald J. Kallen, M.D., January-February 1997

"PDD: The Diagnosis of the Year," Ludwik S. Szymanski, M.D., Children's Hospital, Boston, March-April 1997

"Asperger's Disorder," Fred R. Volkmar M.D., and Ami Klin, Ph.D., Yale Child Study Center, May-June 1997

"Psychopharmacological Treatment of Autism Disorders," Joel D. Bregman, M.D., University of Connecticut School of Medicine, September-October 1997

"Medical Indications for Diagnostic Tests in Children with Autism," Ching H.Wang, M.D., Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, November-December 1997

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