Autism Biomedical Information Network

What is the Autism Biomedical Information Network (ABINet)?

The Autism Biomedical Information Network (ABINet) is dedicated to providing science-based information on biomedical aspects of autism. Our biomedical perspective reflects the background of some of our members who are both parents and members of the health professions. The ABINet is also an alternative information resource. Regrettably there are a number of purveyors of information about autism who have little respect for science and often reflect a heavy-handed bias or selectively include or exclude information. This site will provide a balanced perspective so that unbiased information is available to parents and professionals.

In addition to reports based on recent publications in the biomedical literature, we will have commentaries from time to time by myself and others. Commentaries that I write will unapologetically reflect my personal views on autism. However, my ideas about autism were not acquired casually but are based on years of personal experience as a parent and, until my resignation in 1998, several years as an elected member of the Board of the Autism Society of America. During my time with ASA I coordinated publication of a series of science-based articles on autism by respected professionals so that information available to parents would be of the highest quality possible.

Professionally I have worked as a pediatric nephrologist at academic medical centers and as a general pediatrician in private practice. I have authored and reviewed papers for peer-review medical journals and have been a member of a select merit-based research society. Based on this background I feel qualified and prepared to comment on what I consider "good" information and research on autism.

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Commentary by Ronald J. Kallen, M.D.
This page last updated on 9/25/2003